My Story

Putting Our Students First

"I believe the number one job of the York Region District School Board is to “Put Students First.” As your Trustee, I  look forward to continuing the role as Georgina’s Trustee in “Puttin​g Students First” and to be also proudly adding the East Gwillimbury community.  My dedication to the role of Trustee stems as far as 2014, when I ran for Trustee in the 2014 municipal election and filled the role in the current 2017 by-election and was acclaimed in 2018 in Georgina.  I understand the roles of a Trustee and how it needs to form a transparent link between school administration, parents, taxpayers and the community. Thank you for allowing me to continue to be the voice for our students and our communities."

What I have done

Since being elected in 2017 as Georgina’s Public School Trustee, I have immersed myself in the school board, as well as serving on such committees as:

  • 1st Georgina Chair of the Board 2021
  • Vice Chair of the Board 2020
  • Past Chair of the Board 2022
  • Chair’s Committee
  • Policy, Procedures & By-law
  • Property Management
  • Director Performance Review
  • Multi-Year Plan
  • Student Disciplinary 
  • Celebrating Student Success
  • Staff Award
  • Well-Being Advisory
  • First Nation, Métis and Inuit 

    Education Steering

  • First Nation Liaison 

  • A Director of the Ontario Public School Board Association. 
  • Audit
  • Special Education Advisory
  • And Much More.......

What we have done

As a board, we have accomplished within my term:
  • Hiring our Director of Education
  • Implementation of the Human Rights office
  • Hiring of the New Integrity Commissioner
  • Robust Equity and Leadership Plan
  • Comprehensive Equity, Governance and Human Rights training for both staff and Trustees
  • Highly involved in the 22 directives set out in 2017 by the Minister of Education.
  • Ministry Audit & Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation
  • Budget Oversight
  • And Much More.......

What we continue to do

On going:

  • Review Policies, Procedures &  By-law
  • Balance our $1.5 Billion Budget
  • Support our 127,000 Students, 12,000 Staff in over 200 Schools
  • Community Involvement such as Events, Graduations, Coffee Chats, School Council Forums, Town Hall and School Visits.
  • Established working groups within our Equity & Inclusivity Advisory and  Establish Sub-Committees as needed
  • Working of Live Streaming our Public Board Meeting for Transparency 
  • Promote Student Achievement and Well-Being

  • M

    onitor the Performance of the Director of Education

  • P

    ractice Responsible Stewardship of Board Resources.

  • And Much More.......

30+ Years

I will continue my work as your Georgina Public School and look forward to also be representing East Gwillimbury if  re hired. As the Trustee I will continue to see through the initiatives I have already started to put in place for our students. I look forward to continuing my role, because I believe that I am a strong voice for Georgina and East Gwillimbury families. I continue to be active in the education and safety of children, youth and adults, as I have been for over 31 years in a number of roles. I was a former Private School teacher and an Early Childhood Educator for over 19 years.

My Work Life

I am currently your Georgina Public School Trustee, and continue to work for The Salvation Army as an operational trainer for homeless shelters throughout York Region, Peel and Durham. I am also a self-employed Health and Safety trainer, and a past member of CPAST human trafficking committee. I continue to be actively involved throughout our community events, committees, local media and as Chair of Jericho Youth Services and past Vice Chair of the Briar Hill Cemetery Board.

My Family Life

As a working mother with two children in our Public School System, I understand what it takes to try to balance and juggle family and life challenges. We all have an interest in our community and our children and would like to find the time to voice what we need. Thank you for allowing me to continue to be your voice and a link between the School Board System and Georgina and East Gwillimbury residents.

“Our goal of improving our education system is the same; we must work as a team to achieve needed growth for our students.”​